The vacation for elders are important


I personally suggest, to those having elders parent's, to organize for and with them, by consulting a physician, a summer vacation, for the benefit, not only physical, but either mental, that they, your parent's, will get.
The location, normally, it's between 650 to 1000 msl, in a quite and nice surrounding, in an organized resort with qualified personnel which will, by considering the physical status of the guest, organize physical activity's, like some short walking tour, morning exercise, recreational game which will improve knowledge within elders.


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Hi there, I'm Alex, Kanisorn Alex Straforini, 
I'm the last to join the family                                       VIDEO1 (to play pass over with the mouse)

                   Here I was 3 months old  (a babydoll)                                               (wait the download it's complete, need several minutes)
VIDEO2 (to play pass over with the mouse)

                                  Alex at eleven months 

  Alex with  Uncle Clinio & Romea   (29-12-2002)                        Video of 13 - 12- 2002 
                                                                                                   My first car (Thank's to Kit)

Very soon I will have my picture's and mpeg collection in a new web site which my daddy is taking care about.

Health very good I have two citizenship, one Italian & one Thai.

Picture of 07 28th 2002, Alex with uncle's Roby & Dani.


Hello, I'm Nong Pin, and I'm so good... much more when I sleep!

My real name is Siriporn, which means "the best of the wishes", but anyone call me Nong pin, which means "young sister hair clip", well !, what can I said, who can understand the adult's.


Have you notice the small ring on my shirt ?:

it's my wallet..


A year have gone & as I'm grooving, here it's my late looking, always with my loved daddy Deng.


On the left picture it's me with my daddy Deng (red), it's is "nickname", on Thailand anyone has a nickname, he's real name is Shingkham which means "Gold Lion", my daddy he's very sweet, and I wish to all child's of the world a sweet daddy, but isn't so, they are many, too many, the child that are suffering, mistreats of any kind, hungry, torture, sexual abuse, forced to beg or sold and then killed, and their body part's used on transplant for child of rich people's. On some country, child have been kidnap or cheaply bayed, they have cut to them an arm or a leg, to impress the passer by, and forced to become a beggar.

Each day many child die, by diseases, hungry or violence's, on the almost indifference of the entire world, which he know, but so little is doing.

Child-abuse Join hands child abuse stop child abuse amnesty int.


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