Automation applied at the Metallurgy

From the January 2004 as a independent professional on Industrial Automation field, offering engineering, commissioning, service & training.
On this first year of activity I have cooperated with following companies:
ABB Process Solutions & Services Spa - Italy
Ayed Khalifa Gen. trading. Est. - Jubail - KSA.
Automation Engineering Service Inc. - NY - USA.

Advanced Training for Metals - Customer: Hadeed - Jubail - KSA.

    From February 1999 till December 2003 with ABB - ABB Process Solutions / Service - Milan - Italy

With ABB I'm been involved on the commissioning & start-up of the following project:
SCP - Paper Mill on  - Ruzomberok (Slovakia)
Two aluminum foil mill for Pechiney - Rugles (France)
A Sendzimir - AST Terni - (Italy).
A copper mill - Europa Metalli - Fornaci di Barga (LU) (Italy) - not completed due to a urgent task on China for a Hot flat strip mill (required by ABB Manheim  (Germany).
Solving and closing pending points for the JISCO  hot flat mill - Jiujiang (China). 
Closed all points on 22 days of tough activity.
Commissioning & start-up of a Sendzimir and a skin pass mill on Shanghai - (China), for the Shanghai Krupp Stainless project.
Super line LAF4: annealing & pickling integrated line for TKAST
(Tyssen Krupp Acciai Speciali Terni) ex AST - Terni - Italy

Since 08/1987 till 01/1999with ANSALDO Industria - Genoa - Italy.

Cold Steel Complex Indosteel (now Krakatoa Steel Co.) Cilegon - Indonesia
Revamping Hot Strip Mill (HSM) - AHV - Altos Hornos de Vizcaya - Baracaldo (Spain)
2 - Revamping HSM 1 - ILVA - Taranro - Italy.
3 - Commissioning of a Bar Mill - PITTINI - Osoppo (UD) - Italy.
4 - Revamping HSM 2 - ILVA - Taranto.- Italy.
5 - Monfalcone Power Station (GO) Italy - Conversion from oil fuel to coal with low emission  - ENEL Venice department. - Italy.
6 - On a mission for Italimpianti to help on solving engineering deficiency for 20 transtainers supplied to Hong Kong Harbor.
7 - Erection e commissioning per three Containers King Cranes - Harbor of Kaoshiung -Taiwan.
8 - Seamless tube mill - Tannin - China, commissioning whole plant positioners + tracking + improvement on piercing automatic roll change.
9 - Commissioning HSM Shaviryia Steel Industries - Bang Shapang - Thailand.
10 - Revamping mill 1 -  reversing single stand for magnetic product - Acciai Speciali Terni.- Italy
11 - Development and engineering of a complete set of modules to be flexible on the metals sector, applied successful to the Steelcorp of Philippines project.

The last development which I'm been involved, is been for the creation of a group of  modules on VME standard (Unix - c), for ANSALDO S.p.A. 
The Modules are conceived to be interconnected within them self, and/or with a PLC or more PLC, and, trough a configuration, to be adapted at any steel factory. This modules are already been implemented on two project: 
1: A pickling line on Bilbao - Spain by ANSALDO BMB - Barcelona - Spain. 
2: Steel factory complex on development on the Philippines as follow; 
1 Pickling line, 1 Coating line, 1 Galvanizing line. 

|Module Name: |                 Function Description                               |  
Master            Speed Master and tension master control of the line. 
Coiler             Pay-off reels and rewinders control. 
Rall                Automatic slow down at end coil at the pay-off reel. 
Tailpos            Automatic tail positioning at the rewinder. (coiler). 
Lpit                 Loop pit management interfacing the speed master. 
Accu                Coil car and/or Loop tower control (Hydraulic or motor). 
Tracking          This is the hot one, it manage; material presence,  
                      welding presence, length counters, auto slowdown  
                      function, at end tail at shear (both entry and exit, with or 
                      without passline, from shear to a welder or joiner, both 
                      head and tail, automatic slowdown and stop for a  
                      welding or for length reached or tail in a desired point on 
                      the line. 
                      Strip code generation and interface them to the master 
                      Enable or disable the pulse generator to Lpit or Accu 
Drive              Interfacing DC and AC drivers, multiply module can be  
                      used, that means that if a module can control up to 60  
                      drivers, if two moduls are used, can be controlled up to 
                      120 drivers.  
Bridle              Like drive but conceived to manage bridles with a  
                      maximum of 4 drivers each bridle..

      What above it's referring up to end 1998 and it's the past, today I'm working with ABB, A great company on it's field, take a look at  

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